Geronimo Starship were probably the ONLY radio station on the planet to be playing tracks from BRYTER LAYTER by NICK DRAKE... in 1971!        and where else might you hear radio plays for the seminal electronica of WHITE NOISE?







Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Purple Gang, Siren, Young Tradition, Davey Graham, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Rolling Stones, Animals, Fugs, Kevin Ayres, White Noise, Nick Drake...








Geronimo Starship - for Pacifica, US West Coast radio, 1971

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'The Sun Machine is coming down and we're gonna have a party'

Welcome to Geronimo Starship. In 1969 we broadcast across Europe as Radio Rupert and Radio 428 from Andorra.
In 1970 we broadcast as Radio Geronimo via Monte Carlo. Why? Because there was no other way to legally transmit to discerning music enthusiasts in the UK and beyond. At night the signal from the South of France bounced back from the ionosphere and although sometimes the received signal was swirling and fading it was the ONLY way to hear adventurous music. In 2011, with satellite and the internet, that may seem difficult to believe. But the poverty and paucity of decent music on the radio was a great incentive to struggle to hear our broadcasts.

Monte Carlo ceased to broadcast our programmes in late 1970. We gained a contract with Pan American Airways to provide their inflight entertainment and rebranded as 'Geronimo Starship'. Rather interestingly Geronimo Starship recorded most of the Glastonbury Fayre of 1971. This included the legendary performance by David Bowie. This was before Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. A triple album containing some Glastonbury performances was released by Revelation in 1972. This website celebrates Glastonbury 1971 and will include setlists, white labels, promo booklets and more... is currently under construction but you can already access a lot of Glastonbury material from our sister website

Apologies - all audio is currently unavailable but it will be restored during October 2011