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Geronimo Starship at Glastonbury
In 1971 Radio Geronimo morphed into Geronimo Starship. Some members of the Geronimo team recorded the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre. A 3LP set was issued by Revelation Enterprises...

from the accompanying booklet:

john = John Lundsten (Radio Geronimo Studio Engineer)
frank = Frank Hesketh (Radio Geronimo Harley Street Office)

selected pages from the original Glastonbury booklet

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Since there's a reason for everything Revelation Enterprises present REVELATIONS a musical anthology for Glastonbury Fayre featuring... The Grateful Dead, Mighty Baby, Brinsley Schwarz, Marc Bolan, Pete Townshend, David Bowie, Hawkwind, Skin Alley, Gong, Pink Fairies, Edgar Broughton and... books, domes, pyramid and...

a.k.a. The Electric Score

Revelations - A Musical Anthology, based upon artists who appeared at the 1971 Glastonbury, including otherwise unreleased rare live & studio material  Complete with a 32-page booklet, fold-out geodesic dome insert, fold-out track details insert,  silvered pyramid insert & huge fold-out poster sleeve. An outer PVC sleeve completed the set with the following words of wisdom included:
"Is the cosmos itself but a flickering ember of imagination.. ignited by a random thought.. only to be snuffed out at will? What is real - and what is fancy? When all is said and done.. who is the dreamer.. and which is the dream?"

Revelations (REV1/2/3) issued 1972

Dark Star - Grateful Dead 24:06
Love Song - Brinsley Schwarz 4:02
A Blanket In My Muesli - Mighty Baby 16:06
Sunken Rags - Marc Bolan 2:36
Classified - Pete Townshend 3:58
Supermen - David Bowie 2:44
Silver Machine/Welcome - Hawkwind 7:28
Sun Music - Skin Alley 5:20
Glad Stoned Buried ... - Gong 23:00
Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out - Pink Fairies 3:20
Do It - Pink Fairies 19:43

Out Demons Out - Edgar Broughton Band 20:00

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